Friday, February 1, 2008

Forex Trading Course

With a consistently successful trading strategy, and a conservative compounding strategy; you could turn a $5,000 account into a $1,000,000 account in just over 1 year. Let me explain before you all go running to open a FOREX Trading Account and lose all your money.

By investing 10% of your account on a daily basis, and averaging pips/day in profit your account would increase by 2% on a daily basis. For those of you familiar with compounding, you understand how this can lead to such a major growth in your account.

So, here is another obvious question. If the fund has been averaging such astounding results over the past year, why can't they invest enough money to reach their limit? And, if they can, why aren't they?

Here is the answer to all of the questions. If they were that good, you would never know about them. It's just that simple. The greatest traders are growing their accounts and reaching their limit day after day.

I promise you this - they are not using anyone else's trading strategy, they are using their own. That's right, to become a truly great FOREX trader, you have to learn what works best for you, not someone else.

The most efficient way to reach the pinnacle of your trading skills is through an elite Forex trading course.

Are you still thinking about letting someone else handle your trading for you?

Here is one more reason for skepticism. Many spreads charge you a per trade transaction. This is an absolute no no. In this arrangement, they are guaranteed to make money on every trade. You, on the other hand are not. Avoid dealings with anyone who will make money on your losses.